Who We Are

K&T Advocates is one of Uganda’s few firms’ set up with emphasis on specialized legal practice. Established in 2009. It has since grown to include 3 (three) in house Lawyers. With the rapidly changing face of Uganda’s economy and the frantic bid by all the participants in the development process to contribute howsoever. K&T as a legal consultancy is geared towards providing tailor made / specialized legal services to the private sector. The ever increasing number of commercial disputes in addition to the traditional ones has inevitably required the Re-invention of the legal service sector to provide for legal practice with alternative dispute resolution approach. As shown, the effect of privatization and other economic reforms was the theoretical basis for creation of K&T which as a corporate and commercial practice is geared towards serving the needs of local and multinational investors, government and multilateral aid agencies. K&T provides comprehensive legal services to its clients offering expert advice and assistance in all areas of law. With a Team of 3 lawyers, the firm is able to provide specialist Legal consultancy on all the major legal disciplines; joint ventures and strategic alliances; banking; commodity finance, equity capital markets issues and securities, corporate management, regulatory investigations, company incorporation and secretarial, intellectual property, multi-jurisdictional filings, international transactions, litigation and alternative Dispute Resolution, Employment Law, Real Estate, Trust Estates and Tax Law. As practice policy, K&T endeavors to heighten consumer awareness, thereby keeping our across the board clients informed of dispute resolution options, gains and costs involved. Delivery of legal services at appointed times and agreed time estimates is our hallmark.

  • Experience in International transactions and cross-body legal consultancy.
  • A working relationship between the partners and clients.
  • A constant common approach to high standards of quality and client-care.
  • A time and cost conscious approach to provision of legal services.
  • Allowing clients opportunity to actively participate in their legal affairs.

K&T team is made up of multi-disciplinary corporate lawyers with interests In different fields of the law, The firm also has a number of non-lawyers professionals who like other staff are engaged on a contract basis to provide the required advice and service as and when required. This enables the firm to maintain adequate staff for all categories for matters and provide across the board services without compromising the quality of service provision. This approach also allows the firm to cushion complex matters to manageable levels through a firm concept called collective lawyering.

K&T has got capacity to significantly contribute in corporate and commercial areas of Uganda Law, with its staff ranging from commercial arbitrators and mediators to general consultancy and litigation lawyers. We lay emphasis on the distinction between legal advisory and litigation services. Our goal is to provide consultancy as well as litigation services to our clients with emphasis on pre-litigation advice and the assessment of claims by or against our clients and where need arises.

The firm has a well laid out client follow – up service. Our clients are best attended to; by, booking appointments, during which time updates are given and outstanding issues are discussed. An executive summary is then availed to the client and as may be agreed between the client and the responsible advocate, course of action is then decided upon.

Every new client is allocated a specific advocate as appoint of contact for and during the conduct of their matters. Although every client has got a contact advocate, all advocates of the firm are kept abreast with client matters. This is for reasons that;

  • The clients are provided with alternative contact advocates where the respective contact advocate may be unavailable and;
  • This client care approach gives the client opportunity of benefiting from collective lawyering thereby improving quality of legal services to our clients..

In relation to contracts the firm is able to advise on a broad range of regulation and structural issues, and workouts - assisting clients address the challenges demanded by multi parties and / or multi – jurisdictional operations in the private sector.

In whatever discipline K&T is mandated, their work is carried out in such a way that it is internationally bench-marked and locally informed. In the event you opted to retain K&T, we would endeavor to achieve the needs of your business initiatives by tailoring our service product to suit your business needs maintaining the highest levels of technical legal excellence.